10/15/02 A brief note about wake at 'lush': during the duration of wake's stay at that great venue, we all had to work with owners that dealt and snorted cocaine 24/7, thus making it hard to keep wake alive. so wake is now being held in spirit at our newest creation, FUNERAL.

wake has passed away on this day of our lord,
the 29th of september, 2002 C.E.

a FUNERAL is being held twice a month in her honour.
she lived a full life and passed on from this world at the age of 8 years.

it was told she died of a broken heart, of being forgotten.
but wake was indeed, loved and cherished by many, many souls
and will eternally be kept in the hearts of her family.
she is survived by her mother, miss veronika sorrow.
but weep not, wake will be there in spirit...at each and every funeral party.

please click here for more details of these services.

may the lord and his darkest angels keep her soul forever.

08/24/02 Last year I entered my ANGRY thoughts about a particular group of Homo-sexual "men" from a shit-hole called 'Copa.' Basically, they put me off and dicked with me (no pun intended) for a few months before they FLAMED out on me and were, to say the least, exceedingly RUDE. If you check out my post archive (which i highly suggest you NOT spending too much time there!) under the date 12/14/01 5:56pm via the link way down below, you can see the original story.

NOW. Here we are, almost one year later and I finally get one "outraged" email from a Mr. "DJ Checkers" (I changed his name to protect his..um, i don't know. I should use Jack Torse) in San Francisco (I think you see where this is going already). This 'man' proved his illiteracy via the pointless email sent sometime last week entitled 'COMPLETELY OFFENSIVE.' wow! and what do you know? I just happen to have a copy of that very email and the response I sent back to him! read on.. (his original comments [I did NOT leave out one ounce of his email..I responded to every last drop] are italicized.)

hi, thanks for writing, truly, i appreciate any input on my own personal thoughts and beliefs: read on.


I am a DJ and promoter for two goth clubs in San Francisco. I was just looking around at yahoo for LA clubs, where I ran across your site, thinking your playlist sounded interesting. I then saw the rant about "FAGS". I found this completely offensive. First off all, would you feel comfortable calling any other minorities by these offensive terms?

i don't consider homosexual persons a 'minority', first of all. there are plenty abound. there are good people and bad people. decent homosexuals and FAGS. secondly, if you're a person of ANY relation and treating me like shit, i have THE RIGHT to refer to you and call you whatever 'slanderous' and/or 'offensive' word that comes to mind on my own personal website.

Would you use the word "nigger" all over your site?

no, i wouldn't use the word 'nigger' all over my site. but if a bunch of black people treated me like shit, etc. etc. i would have THE RIGHT to refer to them and call them whatever 'slanderous' and/or 'offensive' word that came to my mind on my own personal website. [and trust me, i've been FUCKED with by quite a few niggers for looking the way i do all these years. not black people. niggers.]

As someone who is going at something outside of the mainstream, you should understand what it is like to not be accepted by the mainstream, and perhaps even what it is like to be a minority class in this country.

okay. obviously by this statement you DID NOT READ thouroughly, what i wrote. THEY rejected ME. a 'minority' (as you want to refer to your group) very underhandedly and very rudely rejected my little 'underground' group. THIS is what my point was, the irony that lies therein. a minority group that always bitches and cries for equality, turns around and acts like a bunch of close-minded IMBECILE BITCHES when i was offering them business: money.

If you are so are so closed-minded and don't want to deal with "FAGS", then when do you keep trying to hold a club at gay bars?

i don't 'keep trying.' can't you see all the faux paux in what you just wrote? i thought that perhaps the FAGS across the street were just an unfortunate minority in that group. i had A MIND OPEN ENOUGH to try and bring a good business across the street to a different gay bar. but alas, i received the SAME FUCKED UP TREATMENT. and so, no, i will never try to have WAKE at another FAG BAR. unless, a gay bar magically approached ME first, were decent human beings and treated me with the respect i equally returned.

Maybe you would find like minded people in the deep south, just look around for people in white robes and white sheets over their heads.

that's just an unfounded and highly ignorant thing to say, really. get your facts straight, you're being ridiculous.

I thought your club sounded interesting, but I can guarantee I will stay far away from any club you are involved with, especially because I'm a "FAG".

well, then if you're just like the homosexual men i dealt with, you side with them and behave like them (catty and ignorant), then yes, you are, in fact, a FAG in my own little book and would want NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. advice: educate yourself, read thoroughly, open your mind. i have tons and tons of homosexual friends. were they offended? no. why? because they actually took the time to READ what happened and thus understood my OUTRAGE. they commiserated with me.

my post was not at all a hit on homosexuals as a whole, this is understood if you READ it (not just the big bold words that say FAG). it was a specific hit on this small-dicked, idiotic, catty group of poor excuses for MEN (that give gay men a bad name) that i had the misfortune to be involved with for a brief few months.

thankyou again for writing and listening, hopefully you understand. if you don't, i will still offer more clarification.


and dear readers, do you think he responded back?

hell, no.

chiiicken..buck buck buck!!

08/16/02 I found out some romantically beautiful news last Friday the 9th. And because I forgot to announce this at midnight along with the giveaways as I said I would..here is my promise made good:
Once upon a time, about a year ago, a loyal WAKE follower by the name of Mark went to his favourite club in the world (WAKE!). There in the soft din he met a beautiful young princess by the name of Stacey. Almost one entire year later WAKE reopened one blissful Friday evening and found that Mark and Stacey were still side by side, happily in love and sharing a candle-lit table right next to the DJ booth, smiling and thanking WAKE for bringing them together!!!!
And they all lived
Happily Ever After...

08/14/02 THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO MADE IT OUT FRIDAY AUGUST 9. What a lovely success you made it for Wake!! And thanks to you all, WAKE WILL BE BACK AND OPEN WEEKLY EVERY SUNDAY! The management was very happy with the turnout and invited us all back for more..As more details come in, i will post them on the EVENTS page. The next wake 'should' be on sunday, september 1. wake received rave reviews from friends and fans..check out lagoth.net under 'goth talk' there's a thread under 'dance or die' called "WAKE what you missed" or something..Thank You Kay! Stay tuned in the meanwhile for more updates here at Bubastis...

and now a word on SIOUXSIE

i saw sioux's comeback at coachella, as well. we were the equivelant to 15 rows back, or so..could still see feet and all (if i hopped). a nice old hippie lady proceeded to smoke us out when the show began. i hadn't seen this Woman perform with the banshees in 7 years (save for the creatures at the glasshouse a few years ago).. & was i in a blur, or did they open with 'Poppy Day' at Coachella? .. anyhow, i'm about 4' 12" and always manage to stand behind 2 jocks shoulder to shoulder (compliments of the 'fuck you' concert fairy). but when i saw The Woman, i began to tremble (a lot) and scream like i was on fire, enough to the point that the jocks looked back and helped me move forward with loving nudges! my other half was unfortunately floored so i only moved up so far. fuck. but the show was still Wonderful..she was sexy, and slinky and just 100% siouxsie with an air of 'yeah, i'm Goddess, and what of it?' on her be-smirked little lips.' she smiled a lot. overheard some guys in the back saying 'damn! she knows she's BAD!' Yes.

so the palladium show on the 11th wasn't all trembles and such, but still very excited. i was crushed badly and lifted off the ground, somehow floated to the left really hard then slammed against a sweaty girl's back: she was front and center. i was front and center. but then she was pulled out. I. WAS. FRONT. AND. CENTER. damn straight.

she wasn't as smug or enegetic this show, which was disappointing to see. didn't seem all that happy either (crazy kitty mood swings, i'm sure). i wonder if she feared for our lives. there was a REAL bad crush in the front with passing out girls and such. but being that i'm made of titanium and adrenaline..

looked up her nostrils, made lots of smiley eye contact, saw the lint on her pants, laughed at the red lipstick smeared on her chin, meowed at her, but the real pinnacle? during the encore 'kiss them for me'..hehe..she got down on her knees..and singing, pointed straight at me when she sung 'and you're the prettiest by far...'

i mean, i was sandwhiched between two huge sweaty men, afterall.

this isn't crazy talk either! i promise you! it was a magical evening, indeed, i only wish i could have been about 10 of me stationed at different parts of the palladium just to take it all in and see the crowd's reactions. i was stuck in the one spot, pretty much unable to move the entire show. but am i complaining? hell no.

08/08/02 Hello...tomorrow's the big night..i don't know whether to be scared, cry or run around in circles. but what i do know is that i'm so looking forward to seeing everyone. all of my friends..all of you who have always been there. even if we've never actually said 'hello'..i know you're there. i know you're always there all the time. i also know you've been there all these years. dancing quietly, sitting pensively, enjoying a cocktail or simply enjoying what i've put together for you. it's like i'm a proud Chef, and you're enjoying my best spaghetti recipe. it makes me feel very good. and this alone is always secretly kept in my heart when i do a wake night "i know he/she will be there".. and it makes me feel great. like it's worth it all..so thank you!

i wanted to let it be known: i had NO choice in this particular event date. it was literally thrown in my lap "it's either this date, or not til late november", he said. thing is i may be moved out of l.a. by then..so i said 'FUCK IT! let's do it!'..with only 2.5 weeks to spread 5 thousand invitations everywhere i could in l.a, san diego, southern california, the u.s...then it dawned on me that all my good friends were throwing a gig. and i was like "fuck." what else could i think/do/say. "fuck." fuck foremost, because..i would have wanted to be there. and fuck secondly, because i wanted THEM to be at WAKE! but i should have learned by now, synchronicity isn't always fair. oh and i'm doing this with the flu!

alright guys. i'll see you tomorrow night...oh yeah, and email your requests in..i want to make sure i get it all..

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