VSoRRoW is the musical project of solo musician and songwriter veronika sorrow. the sound is a varying blend of tribal and acoustic instruments with synthesized backdrops and textured ambience. the music could be described as New Darkambient-Gothic Rock. although not a formal band, veronika sorrow collaborates with different musician friends with whom she feels a kinship: a spiritually musical connection.

the debut release of VSoRRoW was on former record label projekt, in which she appeared on the 1995 compilation "Excelsis: a Dark Noël," a gothic and darkambient tribute to classic holiday songs. her song The Little Drummer Boy was later used in Dimension Film's "Reindeer Games" in 2000 [a snippet was used in the first turning point in the movie when the plot was forged]. please download the full song here...

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VSoRRoW has just released her first CD demo entitled PIECES. it is a sampler of previously released and unreleased material spanning the last 10 years.

1. THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY (from the CD Excelsis: a Dark Noël)
3. NECTERE FOR NEXUS (previously unreleased)

if you wish to purchase the CD via an alternate method, please send an email to vsorrow@bubastis.com expressing your need and preference...

you are welcome to download a sample of:
goddess of the green fields and
nectere for nexus
these are demo taste-teasers of the full length songs available on PIECES from the forthcoming album YEAR due for release in 2005. if you are interested in hearing the full length demos, please purchase the CD above. PHOTOS:


"At the tender age of 17, this young and extremely talented LA resident had already graced the cover of Projekt’s legendary CD ‘Excelsis’ and was featured on the darkwave rendition of “Little Drummer Boy”, also featured in the Miramax film “Reindeer Games”. Possessing a vocal style akin to a cross between Billie Holiday’s low key soul, Jarboe’s (of Swans fame) torch song style of singing and the chaotic style of Tara Vanflower (Lycia), her vocal style is both sensual and entrancing, carrying the listener through fields of dark horizons, plentiful pastures and into a realm of hopefulness and melancholy all in her sweet harmonies. Including a cover of the Lycia song “Goddess Of The Green Fields” and an instrumental named “Nectere For Nexus”, her self imposed time out of the limelight has given her more time to improve her skills as a vocalist and as a musician. Her sound is somewhere between a “Into The Labyrinth” era Dead Can Dance, the Middle Pillar sound ala Machine In The Garden, and the darker side of bands such as Deep Forest and Lyica.

New material is underway, and can be expected around the beginning of 2004, giving fans of the old school sound of Projekt and Middle Pillar quite a shock to the system. Her vocals are one of the great marvels of this era, and her musicianship are of equal or greater caliber. Much more can be expected of this artist in the near future, and may even surpass what the preconceived notions of the goth/ethereal genre can be..." --ISP

"From the first time I'd heard her rendition of The Little Drummer Boy to the last time her piece Nectere for Nexus graced the airwaves, I've been quite fond of Veronika's music. Her haunting, chilling voice swells and lingers through her pieces, leaving the listener deeply engrossed in the sounds they've just experienced..." --JIM FAZZONE, WESU

"Veronika of Sorrow plays her rum-pum-pum-pum drum machine, synth, and guitar (and sings) for her version of Little Drummer Boy; the song builds nicely and is revved up by squawling guitar feedback. (Veronika also serves as the Dark Angel of the cover art.)"--AMBIENTRANCE.ORG

NEWS 2006:

Veronika has started a new band in Pasadena, CA. They are called THE CHASTE. Some of V.SoRRoW's work will be incorporated in the 4-piece, but mostly all new material will be written. Solo work may commence at some point in time...Thanks for listening and always stay tuned...


JANUARY 2005: happiest of new year's to you all. 2005 is shaping up to be the most productive year thus far...and promises to reveal more fruits of labor and love. please join V.SoRRoW on MYSPACE: V.SoRRoW


DECEMBER 2004: veronika has just published a self-released 3 song demo sampler entitled PIECES. it is a compilation of previously released and unreleased material spanning the last 10 years. she promises to bring more music to the table in the year 2005 with her first full length release! more news soon...

OCTOBER 2004: veronika sorrow will be making a guest performance along with friends Demonika and the Darklings on Friday October 15th at her club FUNERAL. she was asked to guest sing along to a siouxsie creature's song near midnight! this will be a first of many performances to come in the near future...stay tuned...

MAY 2004: has been a while for updates..veronika is still working and rehearsing music in her home studio. also, work in dtc studios is still in progress...
vsorrow is releasing a demonostration compact disc of the full length given on this page thus far: goddess of the green fields, nectere for nexus (for jamey), and the little drummer boy from 1995. they are for sale directly from veronika herself, if you email her. more to come very soon...

NEWS 2003:

DECEMBER: Happy almost New Year, and warmest holiday wishes to you all. Visit the VSoRRoW photo gallery...new photos have been added.

veronika has decided to change the name of her project to "VSoRRoW" as opposed to the former "XXSoRRoWXX" and "sorrow." Hopefully, this may be the last name change..but you never know! At the time of this update, the new logo has yet to be uploaded...but it will be soon.

veronika is welcoming cello player Meryle on board. Other exciting collaborations are also in the works, and soon to be disclosed!

There was a little down time as the engineer of DTC productions was on extended vacation out of the country...but that time was used for practice and other gear-shifts of the heart. vsorrow is stepping back into the studio this month to continue and complete the feverish Drum Song.
now more than ever, the heart soars to prepare the feast...more soon.

AUGUST: The LYCIA cover is complete. A demo version was sent electronically to friends around the U.S. and via Soul Seek and received extremely high acclaim.
Both 'Nectere for Nexus' and the 'Goddess of the Green Fields' demos saw radio play on WESU in Connecticut with a very positive and enthusiastic listener response! Samples of both songs will be made available for download here soon...keep checking back.
A new song, 'Drum Song,' is currently being sculpted in the studio. A guest cellist may be appearing on this song...much more soon..

JUNE: veronika experienced some down-time and was unable to be in the studio most of june. But, she's back and the sounds commence. The LYCIA cover is 90% complete; there are just a few more textures and ingredients and the song will be complete. Onward, onward..more next month.

APRIL: the song 'Nectere for Nexus' is completed (for j.c.). currently in the works is 'Goddess of the Green Fields', a long-time favourite originally composed by LYCIA (lyciummusic.com) ..more very soon. "hurry, release the sound and send, before we too into the dust descend"

MARCH: XXSoRRoWXX is now working with DTC Productions (fallingtodreams.com) to produce that full length CD! wonderful opportunities arise when you least expect..hoping and praying for the best. the air is dismal, state of living is slowly decaying, existence is questionable, impending war, impending doom, lost love: but isn't this what inspires the greatest music? stay tuned..

JANUARY: veronika is finally recording at the Happy House, in Pasadena California, for her debut full-length cd release. plans to move out of l.a. have been cancelled as to take advantage of recording opportunities this year. it will be an independent release ready for the world by the beginning of the next Winter. a new version of The Little Drummer Boy :03 is currently in the works...stay tuned for more information as it comes in! this year is going to be a very busy and productive year...

NEWS 2002:
veronika was planning on releasing a full length cd the year 2002, but the realities of being a solo musician hit hard as she was unable to afford elaborate recording costs with a certain producer. nevertheless, plans to move forward with the cd are still in the works. with an impending move out of l.a. to get away from all the negative forces and curses abound, she looks forward to moving into an area where inspiration and concentration may manifest freely. she will begin work on her debut album with new partner oZ of Shinyblue Records in winter of 2002.


if you would like contact with veronika, or to get on her emailing list, send your beautifully refulgent emails directly to: vsorrow@bubastis.com

thank you for your support and interest, and please make sure to download the songs above...


* * * * *

"She is the relentless winter, provoking survival. She is the beacon flame in the thicket of night's woods, guiding your poor heart. from the well of Sorrow: EVOLVE! transcend higher. burn brighter. and honor Her. for this is only the beginning." --SoRRoW

"Gas is to Fire as Wine is to Sorrow" --a toast!