...was realized on Sunday, January 22, 2006 at the "Happy House" in Pasadena, California. All four members of the group hail from the Los Angeles area. However, neither inception nor origin bears any consequence to their destination. THE CHASTE have begun their own musical journey.

Fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist Veronika Sorrow, THE CHASTE is a culmination of her ambition and of the musical exploration she has held close for years. Known throughout the L.A. Gothic scene as 'Sorrow', she is an accomplished club owner, being the mastermind behind a series of popular dance clubs (Wake, Funeral, & Burial) in the area. She made her musical debut at the age of twenty on Projekt Records, and has had a solo career ever since then.

Veronika had a change of plans. Wanting more than her solo project, she set her sights on assembling THE CHASTE, a name she dreamed up when she was only 12. Throughout the years, it remained an ideal for her to be in a band, but timing and the people around her were key to its creation. Veronika and her romantic companion, Andy Smith, who had been working at her clubs for several years, both had musical ambitions exceeding simply playing other peoples' music.

Andy had been in several bands playing bass on and off since his teen years, even with Veronika singing in a couple. However, those projects did not flourish. Nevertheless, those past attempts would birth THE CHASTE's first original song 'Away'. That uncompleted work compelled Veronika to somehow finish it with Andy, along with a new line-up. During those years, Andy met drummer James Hazley. Hearing of Jame's departure from a group he and Andy were once in, Veronika invited him into the fold. James was happily surprised, as it had been an interest of his to work with her previously. Veronika then met Mat Greaves at club FUNERAL. The moment he picked up her guitar at an after-party, Veronika had a sparkle in her eye; she found their guitarist. The bands line-up was complete.

Although THE CHASTE is born from the ideals of post-punk, its intention is to walk beyond the 'Valley of Gothic' and afar from the dilapidated state rock music has been in the past fifteen years. THE CHASTE will spend the rest of 2006 playing out, writing new material, and recording their debut release.

THE CHASTE are here.